Mathrubhoomi Vandana
62nd Sri Lankan Independence Day Celebration 2010 in Los Angeles, CA

From Atendees : Mathrubhoomi Vandana 2010

Dear Athula , Asela, & Medini,

……… It was a Spectacular show !!! We congratulate the organizing Committee of "Mathru Bhoomi Vandana" for giving the Sri Lankan Community a chance to go back "Memory Lane". It was beautifully choreographed to make it a memorable event. We should have more events which have connections with our "Roots" and "Culture" to showcase the rich culture back in Sri Lanka, to our children.  We are extremely proud of your organization in keeping the Sri Lankan "Touch" combined with music and art.  Great Show! Well Done!!..........

Dear Serendib Foundation

……….We’re extremely grateful to SERENDIB FOUNDATION for hosting such a wonderful “ Sri Lankan Independence Day”. Sri Lankans form all kinds backgrounds got a chance to come together to enjoy the freedom we won 62 years ago. Today, was a proud day for Sri Lankans in California ……………..

Dear Medini & Asela,

………words can’t express how thankful I am to what you do to our community, you make our mother land proud, thank you………

Medini & Asela,

……..Congratulations , very well done. This was my first time attending this event and I am impressed. I noticed it is an event that all Sri Lankans can attend with the feeling, “we are all Sri Lankans” without feeling divided. You did a great job, at the right time. Thank you, as a Sri Lankan……………

Dear Medini & Asela,

…….all the Sri Lankans are thankful to you for taking over the burden of having this national event this year……..

Dear Medini,
…….You, your husband and your team organized a fantastic event and our kids were mesmerized by the drummers and dancers. The music was enjoyable as well. It was nice to sing "Namo Namo Matha" and feel very nostalgic of our mother land.  My daughter loves to learn the Sri Lankan culture, so this was a great experience for her. Please keep us informed of any other events organized by you………….

 Dearest Medini and Asela,

…………The Independence day cultural event was very well done. We enjoyed the program thoroughly.  Thank you for keeping our culture alive, even though we are far away from our mother land. Let us know how we can help you in the future as well. Keep up the good work !..........

 Hi Medini,

……….CONGRATULATIONS to both Asela and You for the splendid show on Saturday 6th night, which was really a trip down memory lane in the land of our birth - Sri Lanka…………..

Dear Medini & Asela,

…….You guys put a great show together !  Keep up the good work. We didn't know Asela could speak three languages . That was neat !.........



“Rhythms of Serendib” Dinner Dance 2008
From : An International Partner

Dear Medini & Asela,

“…Thank you very much for sponsoring & coordinating a five city tour of USA for my band Chandimal & the 2nd Connection. I have traveled and performed in many countries, I must say you’ll were the friendliest and warmest organizers I have ever met. Your commitment and dedication to overcome the challenges of our tour was outstanding. Your professionalism should be appreciated at all times.  I must say Serendib Foundation is simply the best, not only the organizing capabilities, but your hospitality should be commented, and once again it comes naturally and that’s my personal experience working with your professional team who provided us great support during our performances in Los Angeles. Keep up the good work, & I wish you all the very best with your future endeavors!”

Chandimal Fernando
Leader – Chandimal Fernando & The 2nd Connection Band



From :  An Attendee – “Rhythms of Serendib”  Dance - 2008

Dear  Medini & Asela,

“…Shanthi & I want to congratulate Serendib Foundation for organizing “Rhythms of Serendib” the wonderful Dinner Dance. Undoubtedly it is one of the very best organized Sri Lankan dances that we have attended in USA and in Sri Lanka since 1950’s. You had paid attention to every detail. Program was great. To mention a few details-the finger food at the reception, four meal choices, the cabaret items were well thought out. Food was great. All arrangements were excellent. Well, best of all is the most important thing for a dance, and that is Music. You got the best, and Chandimal & the 2nd Connection did a marvelous job. I doubt any band had played that long & super music from Cha Cha & Tango to Sri Lankan oldies & Baila. Short sing along session was very good and came at the right time when people needed a rest. Talking about rest, the band tested the energy of the dancers. The first session was about an hour and a half! Every occasion they got a chance they got on stage & played. No one can ask for more music than that. What a wonderful show!!! Everyone in my table enjoyed the show. Congratulations again, and Good Luck!....”

Dr. Nandasiri Jasentuliyana
President Emeritus, International Institute of Space Law (IISL). Former, Deputy Director-General, United Nations Office at Vienna and Director United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.



Visharada Neela Wickramasinghe - “Master Sir Concert” - 2007
From : An International Partner

“...Master Sir” Concert held in Los Angeles to celebrate my 40th anniversary in the music industry is definitely one of the most memorable concerts held during my forty two years of musical career.  I would like to thank Serendib Foundation for your tremendous support given to me in presenting a beautiful, entertaining musical concert in Los Angeles. I am very pleased with corporation extended towards myself and my troupe from Sri Lanka during our stay in Los Angeles. I wish all the success to Serendib Foundation’s relentless efforts to promote and present Sri Lankan music & performing arts in the United States and I very much look forward to working with your unique organization again in future. Thank you once again for sponsoring my tour in USA.”

Visharada Neela Wickramasinghe
Renowned Performing Artiste, Sri Lanka



From :  Attendees – Neela Wickramasinghe’s  “Master Sir Concert”- 2007

….Excellent job Serendib Foundation. The organizing of this concert by Serendib Foundation was remarkable. Congratulations Asela & Medini, young duo from Monrovia. The concert itself was a memorable one that people would not forget for a long time. The LA Sri Lankans had the golden opportunity of viewing and listening to Neela Wickramasinghe – top notch celebrity of our little island Sri Lanka. Keep it up Serendib ! LA Folks will look forward to more & more such events of high caliber, Good luck & thank you….”  

“….. I truly would like to commend Serendib for the most dignified and organized show so far held in Southern California. I used the word dignified because it was done in a higher level to meet the needs of the community. There were no time wasters at all. I actually was in tears listening to Neela’s voice as it is so powerful and musical”

“That was an excellent & well organized great show presented by Serendib. I know it is a fairly young organization, but they showed their maturity in organizing & presenting this event. Hats off to Serendib Foundation, Asela & Medini, and the team”

“..Congratulations, it was a classic show. You’ve done a good job, nice backgrounds, and great event organizers. We truly enjoyed Neela’s mellifluous voice. A big thank you to Serendib Foundation”

“…The best concert we’ve seen so for in Los Angeles for all these years. Great job Serendib team and the two young organizers Medini & Asela. You raised the bar very high…”



RE : Visit of His Excellency The President of Sri Lanka Hon. Mahinda Rajapakshe to Los Angeles- September 2007

Dear Medini &  Asela,

“…It was your contribution that made the above event a success. I’m truly appreciative of the heavy workload that both of you undertook towards it. Everything went off well and the event was perfect. In fact, His Excellency the President was very impressed with the entire stage directing and performance of children. Please do accept my sincere and grateful thanks. I look forward to receiving the same support in our future events. Your contribution to our motherland is very much appreciated….”

His Excellency Hon. Jaliya Wickramasuriya
Ambassador of Sri Lanka to United States
(Former Consul General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles)



RE : 60th  Independence Day 2008 Celebrations in Los Angeles- February 2008

“….The celebration depicted ideally the 2,500 year old Sri Lankan history, inter religious, inter-racial harmony in a wonderful manner while promoting Sri Lankan culture and the country’s image in general. I am very pleased to emphasize that all the above achievements are the direct outcome of your invaluable support without which we would not have been able to make such an impact.  While thanking you for your tireless efforts in this national event, I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the wonderful support you extended in realizing our goal. The event was a very successful one with flawless execution. The quality of your production,& excellent professionalism demonstrated by your team is greatly appreciated…”

His Excellency Hon. Jaliya Wickramasuriya
Ambassador of Sri Lanka to United States
(Former Consul General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles)



From : Attendees-  6oth Sri Lankan Independence Day, Los Angeles -2008

“Dear Asela and Medini, you two deserve a bigger thank you for organizing the whole event with such dedication. We all enjoyed the event so as kids.  It was a great opportunity for them to be able to participate….”

“Thank you for your commitment, it was really a spotless rendering…”

“Dear Medini aunty and Asela uncle, Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to sing at the Sri Lankan Independence Day. I just want to let you know that I really liked doing it and I had fun. Also I really appreciate it…”

“Dear Medini, My heartiest congratulations to you & Asela for organizing the event, Well done! Please convey my appreciation and congratulations to all the team members. It was a great effort…”



RE : 61st Independence Day Celebrations in Los Angeles- 2009

Dear Asela & Medini,

The Sri Lankan community who are living in the Western States of USA are so fortunate that the celebration of the 61st Independence Anniversary of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles could be held in such a grandeur manner, which is indeed, due to your tireless efforts.  The success of the official as well as the cultural events, is a testimony for everyone that unity and harmony among the multi-religious and multi-ethnic community of Sri Lanka & among the expatriate Sri Lankan Community are in tact. Several community members who contacted me, subsequent to the celebration, informed that this year's celebration was unique. The whole success of this event was due to the exemplary devotion of the President of the Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts, Mrs. Medini Ratnayake and Mr. Asela Ratnayake, the very able production team, child artistes and all the other artistes together with the parents of the performing children. On behalf of the Government and the people of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan community in the western states of USA and the staff of the Consulate, I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude for your wonderful support extended. As we mentioned during our vote of thanks I wish to repeat that our motherland is extremely proud of you.

Hon. Ananda Wickramasinghe
Consul General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles



From : Attendees –61 st Sri Lankan Independence Day, Los Angeles 2009

“Dear Medini, Nicely done... My husband was complimenting how well it was organized, and that is was very professional. He said that this was his first Sri Lankan event that was valued in time and included high organizational skills.. And also honored the value of been one Sri Lankan Nationality rather than ethnicity's... Awesome Work! I think you need to know this, we appreciate you & Asela….”

“Serendib Foundation has done a great job! Independence day celebrations were very well organized. Medini's announcing was remarkable. Way to go”

“It was one of the finest shows, and the best Independence day show for ever. If some one to look for its short comings, needs to get a Magnifying glass!”

“…Three big cheers for Serendib Foundation. Glad and happy to see your support to our community, as usual, Thank you for doing this, Best wishes for a great future… ! ”

“…Once again thank you very much for letting our kids participate in the event. You have done a fabulous job in organizing this event. Medini's announcing was outstanding as well. Good luck in the future…”

“ …Medini & Asela, It was a absolutely a great evening, We truly enjoyed it . Great Job Thank you…”




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